Digital. Made to Order.

One size does not fit all. That’s why we create custom, digital solutions that can evolve to meet the changing needs of our partners looking to make a long-term impact.

Amazon is a leader in AI. They have a rich history in working on the hardest problems as the original market leader. The challenge is that most people either don't know that, or don't know why that matters. With so much science and research behind their AI innovations—such as Amazon Alexa— we envisioned a digital destination for all that credibility to live and be easily accessed.
With a larger-than-life personality, everyone has a seat at the table with this innovative brand. Committed to reimagining how we think of vegan food, the digital experience needed to match—bringing big, bold flavor to the forefront alongside a seamless ordering experience.
Born Noir was our 2022 Accelerator client, and we're thrilled to be part of their powerful mission of encouraging self care and self love for ALL. Born Noir is a nail-care company that celebrates blackness and genderless beauty. Heat Waves is dedicated to investing in the next generation of companies by providing pro bono services to launch & create products, services, and cultures we believe in.
The trucking industry is critical to making all other industries work. CloudTrucks is a tech driven software platform that allows small trucking businesses and entrepreneurs to make the most of every run, from instant payments to smart load scheduling and competitive rates. We designed an easy-to-use interface where truckers can build and manage their business on the go.
Confidential work
Some of our ongoing work is confidential but it's big and cool and sexy.
Beginning within the walls of Paramount sits Content for Change—a research-based company seeking to alter the way media shapes minds. The aim was to create an online experience that inspires and activates anyone in the industry wanting to be a part of the change.
Case study
Spearheading the conversation on what it takes to be a modern working woman, Create & Cultivate sought to transform their already successful IRL workshops into a thriving digital ecosystem. Launching the “Insiders Program” enabled users to connect and access resources to help them navigate work and life as a woman entrepreneur.
FREE THE WORK began as a reaction to the lack of women directors in advertising. We helped transform it into a groundbreaking resource for underrepresented people in all advertising roles. Creating a brand and digital platform with these creators at the center, enabled the nonprofit to take a holistic approach to identifying and addressing systemic inequities in Hollywood.
Women’s sports have long been overshadowed by their male counterparts in terms of visibility and pay. For an area that doesn't get a lot of representation, it gets exploited plenty. Hulu wanted to change that, by empowering female athletes with the launch of their “Women in Sports” #weseeyou campaign. This time, cutting the BS tropes and stereotypes that many advertisers end up representing in their work.
How did a company on a life-saving mission prepare for exponential growth? By opening its doors through a self-serve, digital experience—providing its customers with health and nutritional products that are made with only good ingredients.
Case study
Kiddom forms relationships with school principals and other leaders in education to help create better curriculums and personalized learning experiences. Their aim was to design a learning platform that made information more accessible and customizable for each individual school and district they were in partnership with.
How did LOOM enable its users to learn at their own pace and in their own way when it comes to sexual & reproductive health? By designing a novel, online teaching method for people who identify as women that is both empathetic and evidence based.
Case study
How did a boutique brand become one of the top performing clean fragrance companies on the market? By translating their roots in botanical tradition from 1792 into the mainstream without forgetting its loyal following.
Case study
Embracing their namesake, this company set out to create products with only the essentials, committed to skin health and safety. Nécessaire launched to inspire users to treat their body with as much care as they treat their face. Enabled with a scalable, speedy shopping experience that let the products shine, this brand paved the way for their now devoted regulars to keep their elevated essentials stocked.
How does a company remain the number one cross generational pick for athletes? They constantly innovate their offerings, look to the future and create space within their brand for all demographics. We were brought in for a confidential project with Nike, focusing on future-facing digital innovation.
Noble.AI is leading the next-generation of AI technologies by providing software that helps the world's most important R&D teams accelerate their process, getting results 10x faster. Noble.AI engaged our creative technology team to prototype and demo their product, with a focus on designing data visualization and animations that made the user experience seamless.
OpenAP, the advanced advertising company, brings simplicity and scale to audience-based campaigns in television. These industry pros with a startup mentality needed a powerhouse marketing toolkit to share their big visions for changing the way advertisers centralize data and learn about viewership.
One of the earliest solutions to the burgeoning relationship between brands and their affiliates, Refersion is the preferred solution for Amazon Marketplace and Shopify powered DTC channels. With lots of complicated data to showcase, Refersion needed a digital experience that simplified their unique story and dashboard that makes it easy for affiliates and brands to hit their goals.
How did a brand focused on exceptional in-store customer experiences evolve its strategy to embrace digital in any context? Reformation worked with us on a retail app that bridges the worlds of at home and in store shopping by using emerging technologies.
First-to-market consumer hardware and app-based audio technology, Sonos allows anyone to become an audiophile by creating immersive sound in every room. This household brand tapped into something a younger audience was craving—in-person music moments where the environment is as compelling as the sound.
How does the first farm-to-table fast food company prepare for epic growth and scale? With a tech-enabled infrastructure that facilitates rapid innovation across contexts. This enabled seamless and delightful in-store and on-the-go experiences, letting Sweetgreen easily stay well ahead of their growing competition.
The Southern California Library
Looking for a way to make history accessible and relatable to everyday life, The Southern California Library tasked with launching a first-of-its-kind experience for their new brand (to be announced). The new brand will enable the Library to become storytellers for the communities they serve. More to come in 2023.
A best-in-class, real time 3D software company wanted to make learning how to design and build for 3D experiences fun and accessible. Challenged to define and design the vision for Unity Learn, we rolled out continuous improvements over a multi-year engagement. Those using the platform went from newbs to leaders in their diverse industries.
You Find Therapy
Through our 2021 Accelerator program, we developed the brand and digital vision for You Find Therapy, a free mental health offering. This nonprofit organization started as a google doc and evolved into a digital platform where users can easily find free or low-cost therapists that meet their unique needs. Heat Waves is dedicated to investing in the next generation of companies by providing pro bono services to launch & create products, services, and cultures we believe in.