LOOM was founded on the belief that body literacy is crucial to people's health and overall wellbeing. For generations, women and birthing people have been denied essential information about their bodies. We’re changing that by weaving together inclusivity, empathy, and science into a modern education experience that trusts women and helps them thrive in their bodies at every stage.

Their Need

Bring LOOM’s unique empathy and evidence-based women's health education vision into a seamless digital product offering.

Our Insight

The subject matter requires a more thoughtful journey than a typical digital education path. We needed the opposite of a “gold star” completionist approach, where some of the content might never be right for our users or only right at a specific moment in time. We didn't want to push users into content, but encourage them to go at their own pace—creating an anxiety and harm reductive space. With that, we realized we needed users to opt in and get a preview of the type of subject matter they would be experiencing next.


Custom Solutions

  • Optionality enabled topic discovery
  • Support various learning methods (e.g., voice, audio, text)
  • Ability to easily bring takeaways to doctors visit
  • Mobile optimized content types


  • Vision
  • Product Roadmap
  • Technical Architecture
  • Detailed Design
  • Prototypes
  • Development


A non-linear, emotionally intelligent and inclusive learning experience was created. Users can now easily guide themselves in and out of topics over time in a variety of mediums.