Content for Change

Within the walls of Paramount, sits Content for Change—a research-based initiative seeking to alter the way media shapes minds. As a stand-alone brand that is new to market, the aim is to create an online experience that inspires and activates anyone in the industry wanting to be a part of the change.

Content for Change applies scientific research, rigor, and data to transform the creative ecosystem through content, culture and community. Content for Change came to us to tell their story and solidify their brand.

Their Need

Launch the Content for Change brand and digital destination in order to pave the way for a new generation of storytelling.

Our Insight

Content for Change represents the beginning of a journey towards an equitable future in entertainment. We needed an experience that would scale with their progress and inspire action from others. We recognise that epic transformation and systemic change from Content & Creation to Culture, both internally and externally won't happen overnight. However, this ongoing work will create a place for the experiment to unfold.

Custom Solutions

  • Cross brand research hub
  • Contextual invitation into the mission
  • “Challenge Your Bias” quiz
  • Actionable insights


  • Vision
  • Art Direction
  • Style Guide
  • Editorial Strategy
  • Detailed Design
  • Prototypes


Today, Content for Change has several new research initiatives which will lead to insights that enable Paramount and partners to deliver on their mission to harness the power of content to counteract racism, bias, stereotypes, and all forms of hate.
Challenge Your Bias