Kate Farms

Parents on a lifesaving mission created Kate Farms—a plant-based, sole source nutrition solution for clinicians and consumers alike. Kate Farms is known for providing life-sustaining nutritional products for customers with a broad range of health needs. Kate Farms includes product accessibility options for drinking-abled or tube-feeding consumers.

Their Need

A redesigned digital platform to offer optimized experiences and convenience for customers, patients and healthcare providers.

Our Insight

Unlike traditional food products, the Kate Farms site supports many nuanced user journeys. The spectrum is broad, ranging from Health Care Providers who prescribe it, to parents, athletes and anyone else who wants or needs a source of clean nutrition. We focused on organizing information and language so that people can find what they are looking for and understand that medical grade food products are not exclusive to tube-feeding.

Custom Solutions

  • An interface that makes replenishing product easy
  • Clear experiences for users versus medical providers
  • Connecting the dots for the holistic healthcare journey
  • Making the science behind the nutrition approachable


  • Vision
  • Product Roadmap
  • Technology Architecture
  • User Testing
  • Editorial Guidelines
  • Flexible Module Library & Style Guide
  • Detailed Design
  • Content Migration
  • Development
  • CMS Training


We shipped a flexible module library that empowered Kate Farms as both publishers, marketers and nutritional providers. The web redesign improved their site speed on mobile by 34%. The streamlined system further reduced customer service inquiries, while increasing site engagement across leading content and shopping pages.