Maison Louis Marie

We have redefined this once-indie brand to become one of the top performing cosmetics companies on the market. We’ve helped adapt Maison Louis Marie to a changing consumer landscape that recognizes the luxury of ethically-sourced and sustainable products. This is how we helped a pioneer in French botanical history make its attainable luxury products mainstream.

Their Need

Translate the beauty and simplicity of the brand from its physical product experience into an equally as inspiring digital one.

Our Insight

Create digital and in-store experiences inspired by the brand's history and origin story. Embracing their authenticity was the key to unlocking the company's unique value proposition and carrying traditions from 1792 into modern day. We did it by tapping into Marie’s fragrance nostalgia and storytelling. This also was a way to keep loyal customers hooked on the brand, even as it started to become more mainstream.

Custom Solutions

  • Maintain the “hidden gem” feel during rapid, global expansion
  • Tell the real story of the scent origin, demystifying fragrance language
  • Make sampling easy, as we know users need to experience a scent to fall in love


  • Brand Guidelines
  • Editorial Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Content Production
  • Product Design
  • User Testing
  • Technical Architecture
  • Development
  • Data Strategy


Striking the balance between driving sales and remaining the “best kept secret” in the beauty world, Maison Louis Marie has not sold out to the conventional fragrance experience. Today, the brand can stand on its own through its thoughtful digital experience. It is considered a top performing clean fragrance brand at leading retailers, such as Sephora. Direct-to-consumer business has grown 7x since beginning our engagement in early 2020.